It all started with the exports of food and commodities to the Middle East. After that, global companies that wanted to have operations in Brazil contacted us in order to implement their importing operations. After unsuccessful attempts, they sought a reliable company installed in the country that could help them overcome cultural barriers that hindered international commerce. Since the beginning, our history has been always based on trust.

Compaq, Procter & Gamble, Cosway and Samsung are some of the companies that have entrusted Intermares with the mission of promoting their establishments in the country in a consistent manner. In 1998, Intermares expanded its influence: it became a pioneer company in offering their clients the use of Dry Ports or Domestic Customs Stations (EADIs). This provided advantages, such as tax incentives and quick customs clearing.


Established since 1980, our business is based on trust, which is translated into long lasting relationships with clients, partners and suppliers. In practice, this involves establishing solid relationships in a commercial environment characterized by the lack of personal involvement.

Intermares goal is to unite the interests of buyers and sellers in a unique manner, participating in the process by getting involved with both sides and taking financial risks which adds value to the entire chain.




We go after opportunities. We seek, evaluate and only get involved in deals which we believe in and with people with which we have mutual trust relationships. Staying behind a desk, watching the world through a computer screen might be comfortable, but it’s not our style: we prefer to face real world challenges with our clients and partners.



You don’t have to ask us how things are going. As service providers and partners, we have the obligation to provide all the information you need to have peace of mind. Every piece of information is constantly updated and is always available for consultation by our clients, partners and suppliers through our website.



We do not omit information, we guarantee transparency. Our systems and real-time control reports are open, detailed and available for your auditing. Each one of our clients receives an exclusive log in and password in order to have online access to whatever data needed at any time.



Intermares was created in 1980. With over 30 years of activity, we have experienced all stages of foreign trade in Brazil. From the times in which only exports were permitted and all the way through the opening of imports to our days. The experience accumulated over all these years is valuable for the analysis of the current context of business and future perspectives.