The purpose of Trading Companies

With experienced teams and global connections, modern trading companies add value for buyers and sellers, supporting the development of products and supervising their placement and evolution in multiple global markets, each with specific demands.

Importing with Trading Companies

An importing strategy that considers all stages, such as logistics, taxation, operational aspects, finance and controls as well as government unlimited authorization to import , are some advantages for the importer supported by a trading company.

Exporting with Trading Companies

Exporting with the support of a Trading Company has multiple advantages: opening new markets, reducing costs, financing buyers and eliminating cultural barriers, as shown by this interview with the CEO of Intermares, Silvio Nunziato.

A modern Trading Company, since 1980

It all started with the exporting of food and commodities to the Middle East. After that, global companies that wanted to install their operations in Brazil contacted us in order to implement their importing operations.

The Global Entrepeneur

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